our mission is to cultivate lifelong followers of Jesus Christ by making Him known in the lives of young people, 

through the teaching of God’s Word and discipleship.

Axiom welcomes all who are currently in middle school or high school.

Axiom Friday Night

Fridays    |   7-9 PM   |   Hankow MC

What are these Friday nights about? Axiom Friday nights are really the heart of our ministry, where the students come for a time of worship, learning of God’s word, and fellowship in small groups. 

What will the students be learning in this winter term? In the letter to the Colossians, Paul admonished the believers that after they have received Christ, that they are to "walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving." (Colossians 2:6-7). The word 'faith' gets mentioned a lot in the Christian circle. But what does it really mean to have faith? And how does this 'faith' get established, prevail and grow through the different seasons of life? That's what this term's focus is all about - to discover the changing power of FAITH, in Christ alone.

You mentioned about small groups, what are they? Small groups are written in Axiom’s ‘DNA’. Students are placed in adult-led and single-gender groups, where they can share life together, get discipled and spurred on to have a deeper knowledge of God and relationship with our Lord.

What does a typical Friday night look like?

6:00-7:00 Dinner / Hangout   |   7:00-7:15 Icebreaker Games   |   7:15-7:30 Praise and Worship

7:30-8:00 Message/Bible Study  |   8:00-9:00 Small Group Time  |   9:00-10:00 Free Hangout

Axiom Academy

Sundays   |   11:15AM-12:30 PM   |   Refer to "Worship Services" under "What's Happening" for Location

What is Axiom Academy? Axiom Academy is the Sunday school program for those in middle and high school. The sermons are geared towards engaging the students, and encourage them to participate in the topic of discussion.

What will the students be learning in this upcoming school year? This year we will be using a curriculum called "Teach Me Your Way" by children desiring God. It is a study on surrendering to Jesus Christ in salvation and submitting to His will and way. 

Following is a brief summary: "Although created to worship God, man is prone by nature to worship the creation rather than the Creator. We are inclined to pursue the temporal benefits of this physical world over the eternal treasure of the spiritual world. Only God can open blind eyes to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ. Surrendering to Christ in salvation involves the mind, heart, and will of the person, and true saving faith results in submission to the will and ways of Jesus. The evidence of a surrendered heart is obedience, and the mark of the obedient heart is reflected in the true righteousness of the person who has “put off the old self” and has “put on the new self.” Though perfect righteousness has been legally imputed to the believer through the cross, the life of righteous living, though imperfect till heaven, can be reflected in the believer here. The righteous heart attitude and actions taught in the Sermon on the Mount are a picture of the “already but not yet” perfected believer. Because sin is subtle and man’s nature is sinful, Christians must encourage each other daily to submit to God and to resist sin until Jesus returns and we reflect the perfection of the character of Christ."

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