Filipino ministry

We are here to provide a spiritual home for Filipino overseas workers in Hong Kong on their day off

to experience the love of God and to seek the Lord.

We welcome someone like you...

... who is seeking God

... who is feeling alone and homesick

... who is looking for a home church!

For more information, please contact Ellen Ibarra.

Saturday Fellowship

2:00pm-6:00pm, Metropole Ministry Center

* There is no meeting on Saturday, August 25*

Saturday Fellowship will resume on Saturday, September 1

Sunday Fellowship

12:45pm-8:30pm, Metropole Ministry Center


1st Saturdays/Sundays - Lunch Kaarawan Fellowship

2nd to 4th Saturdays/Sundays - Lunch Fellowship, Prayer & Singing, Bible Study in Small Group

5th Saturdays/Sundays - Blue Jeans Day (outreach)