November 26, 2017  -  9:30AM & 11:15am   worship Services  YMCA

How Do I Get the Living Water                      John 4:1-30, 39-42                       Pastor Nelson Suen

In story of the Samaritan woman, Jesus seems to promise believers an utterly satisfying and unlimited source of “living water” (the Holy Spirit). Is this true of our experience and what can we learn from the story about our own quest for God’s presence in our lives?

Pastor Nelson Suen was originally from Canada. His home church in Vancouver is the New Life Chinese Lutheran Church and in Hong Kong, the Gospel Community Church. He is located here with his wife, Lily, and his son, Micah, in this “busy busy” city. His passion is for the proclamation of the Word, and the spiritual maturing of the church, what it means for us to follow Jesus faithfully in the challenges we face as believers in the 21st century. 

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