THIS SUNDAY - February 16, 2020

Sunday Worship Services -  9:15am, 11:00 | @TBD

To Protect And To Heal | Mark 6:45-  | Pastor Dave Magee

This morning's reading once again reassures and comforts. It reassures and comforts because we see again the love of our Lord Jesus worked out in the lives of those who follow, serve, and trust in Him. We learn how in Christ God is ever present to protect and heal.

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Children's Ministry

*9:15am & 11:00am | Children's Sunday School* - Suspended until further notice

  • Team Miriam (3-4 yrs) | Room 305, YMCA
  • Team Ruth, Joshua, Paul & Timothy (5-12 yrs) | Various Rooms, Hankow MC

Youth Ministry

*11:00am | Youth Sunday School | Room 603, YMCA* - Suspended until further notice