THIS SUNDAY - December 8, 2019

Sunday Worship Services - 9:15am, 11:00am @ 4/F YMCA

The First Missionary Preacher | Mark 5:1-20  | Pastor Dave Magee

The story of the Gerasene demoniac presents you with another miracle story. This story --- like that of Jesus' calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee --- is also about a storm. But this is about a man with a violent storm within him. Again, you see how Jesus' power prevails over chaos and destruction. You also learn how the demoniac, once healed by Jesus, then became the first missionary preacher sent out by Jesus.

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Children's Ministry

9:15am & 11:00am | Children's Sunday School

  • Team Miriam (3-4 yrs) | Room 305, YMCA
  • Team Ruth, Joshua, Paul & Timothy (5-12 yrs) | Various Rooms, Hankow MC

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