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All versus Priority      2 Kings 17       Pastor Phillip Koo

Today’s narrative will be a strategy building on the lesson of all versus priority. In 2 Kings 17, we see that the kingdom of Assyria has taken over Israel (the northern 10 tribes). Israel is subjected as a vassal state. In the south, Judah survives with two consecutive evil kings, but barely. These two evil kings, starting with Manasseh, forced the nation into darker and deeper idolatrous living. They pursued lifeless gods of wood, silver, and nature. One chronicler labeled Amon, Josiah’s father, as one who “increased his guilt” by being worse than his father. However, there was a beacon of hope, as Amon’s son, Josiah is completely opposite. Convicted by the lack of God’s Word in his nation, Josiah is the head-of-chief in establishing probably the greatest revival ever written; a revival of an entire nation.

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