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Loving People Series: Groupon Christianity and the Burden of Love     Mark 12:28-34 & Luke 19:1-10     Dr. Jonathan Lo

Jesus’s reply to the scribe’s question about which commandment is greatest underscores the importance of loving people, not only God. However, sometimes love is a burden and we adopt a “Groupon” mentality, which reduces loving people to a command to be obeyed for our own benefit, without genuine concern for the persons we claim to “love.” True biblical love is not an abstract idea or an impersonal virtue, but a kind of other-focused attitude and action that is intentional, relational, and life-giving. Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus is a perfect example of what it looks like to love like this.      

Jonathan Lo is a speaker, author, and assistant professor of New Testament at the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. Growing up in Hong Kong, Jonathan attended ECC and served on the worship team and in Harvesters until he went overseas to study at university. Jonathan holds graduate degrees in biblical studies from Regent College (MCS) and the University of Edinburgh (MTh, PhD). Jonathan lives in Sai Kung with his wife Stephanie, and is currently writing a book on the New Testament use of the Old Testament.

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August 6               Loving People Series: The Church that Reflects God’s Love                             Dr. Jonathan Lo

August 13            The Holy Spirit: Introduction                                                                                                Pastor Marv Gibbs

August 20            The Holy Spirit: Our Teacher                                                                                                 Pastor Marv Gibbs


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