October 23, 2017  -  9:30AM & 11:15am   worship Services  YMCA

Peace, Reconciliation and Mercy         Colossians 1:15-23 & Ephesians 2:1-10              Mr. Ben Campbell

God has set eternity in the hearts of people, with a yearning for peace and reconciliation that can only be fulfilled by understanding Jesus. The world tries to blind us, and sometimes ego and stubbornness steps in the way of a relationship with God. However, as Christians, we have a great purpose and a different approach to the world that makes us a beacon of hope in the midst of a broken world. Be encouraged! You are transforming the lives of many people! 

Ben is married to Kylie, has two teen boys and is the Executive Director of African Enterprise Australasia. He enjoys contributing to his church through guitar and welcome ministry activities. He was last in Hong Kong 25 years ago and has recently returned from mission in Ghana.

Upcoming messages:  

October 29               Missions Commitment                                                                           Pastor Marv Gibbs

November 5            Special Message                                                                                         Pastor Marv Gibbs

November 12         Special Message                                                                                         Pastor Marv Gibbs

Children's Ministry

Team Miriam, Ruth, Joshua, Paul, Timothy:   Hankow MC

Axiom Youth Ministry:  

Axiom Academy:    Teach Me Your Ways  |    11:45 AM - 12:30 PM   |    YMCA Room 309

*To encourage the students to be part of the ECC family on Sunday mornings, for the rest of this October (Oct 15, 22, 29), Axiom will join with the main service at YMCA 4/F to worship God through songs (11:15-11:40AM). Right after, we will go down a flight of stairs to meet at YMCA Room 309 for the Axiom Academy class (11:45AM-12:30PM).

Weekly bulletin is available for download here.