AUgust 20  -  9:30AM & 11:15am   worship Services  YMCA

The Holy Spirit: Introduction     1 Corinthians 2:1 - 3:9     Pastor Marv Gibbs

I have always admired the character of David when he came face-to-face with Goliath. Here was this physical giant mocking his God and David had the character to stand and face the challenge. For David, there was no middle ground. Human wisdom or some miraculous proof wasn’t going to get him answers. Half-hearted commitment wouldn’t get the job done either. He was victorious because he was fully committed to faith in the God who is able! Today we begin a study on the work of the Holy Spirit. We first consider what the Spirit needs to work on: That’s us! We come to worship today to look again at what the Word teaches us about ourselves. Open your heart to that insight today.   

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August 27            The Holy Spirit: Our Teacher                                                                                                 Pastor Marv Gibbs

September 3     The Holy Spirit: Our Guide                                                                                                      Pastor Marv Gibbs

September 10   The Holy Spirit: Our Prayer                                                                                                    Pastor Marv Gibbs   


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Team Miriam, Ruth, Joshua, Paul (3-11 years):   Hankow MC

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Axiom Academy:    We are currently on our summer break! Axiom Academy will resume on August 27, 2017.