January 21, 2018  -  9:30 & 11:15AM   worship Services  YMCA

The Fellowship of Believers: Love, Actually                                                                           Dr. Jonathan Lo

Scripture: Acts 2:37-47; Philippians 2:1-11

The pouring out of the eschatological Spirit in Acts 2 is the long-awaited fulfillment of God's salvation to the world through Jesus Christ, a marvel that includes the forgiveness of sins as well as the establishment of a new people of God that knows no boundaries. In Phil 2:1-11. Paul provides a practical guide for building a truly Christian community that is one in the Spirit and rooted in love. The attitudes and actions of Jesus, through his incarnation and death, reveal to the Church the true purpose of our salvation and the real meaning of love.

Jonathan Lo is a speaker, author, and an assistant professor of New Testament at the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. Jonathan holds graduate degrees in biblical studies from Regent College (MCS) and the University of Edinburgh (MTh, PhD). He lives in Sai Kung with his wife Stephanie, and is currently writing a book on the New Testament use of the Old Testament. 

Upcoming messages:  

January 28                              The Remembering of Worship                                                     Pastor Bob Jones

February 4                               The Joy of Prayer                                                                                  Pastor Steve Wible

February 11                             Galatians 1: Paul's Witness to his Transformation           Phillip Koo


Children's Ministry

Team Noah (0-2 yrs)                                                                      Room 5, 4/F, YMCA

Team Miriam (3-4 yrs)                                                                   Room 305, 3/F, YMCA

Team Ruth, Joshua, Paul & Timothy (5-12 yrs)             Hankow MC

Axiom Youth Ministry:  

Axiom Academy:   Teach Me Your Ways: The Pure in Heart    |    11:15am   |    Youth Room (Room 4/5), Hankow MC

Weekly bulletin is available for download here : bul20180121.pdf