June 25  -  9:30AM & 11:15am   worship Services  YMCA

Means Fathers Use to Create Great Memories     2 Peter 1:1-11      Pastor Marv Gibbs

I have always been a visionary. In fact, I have often felt my calling was more to "initiate" than to "maintain" the work of the Kingdom. For that reason, I've always enjoyed the process of starting ministry, planting ideas, and watching them grow. Nevertheless, my former boss would often warn me, "Marv, don't get out ahead of your headlights!" What I understood him to mean was, a vision is great, but you must have the means to accomplish the vision or it is of little value. "Means" is the third section of Dallas Willard's Spiritual Formation Plan. We'll look at this aspect of our responsibilities and fathers as we conclude this message series. Pray and join us as we look at this important topic.

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