Core Values

We are a multi-cultural Christian community which serves people from around world, in particular those who come or return to Hong Kong to live, work or study. We uphold the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible and value the cultural diversities of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The very fact that we are from various parts of the world reflects the specific role God has given us: ambassadors sent by God to witness His name wherever we go. Therefore, we seek to cultivate and build up a community of ambassadors to serve our Lord in Hong Kong and beyond, in the following four critical areas of ministries.


We search the Scriptures.

ECC belongs to that body of Christian churches called "evangelical," where the Bible is our infallible and inerrant authority for faith and life. The Bible is more than just a "how to" book, but whose central theme is the gospel, God's plan to redeem and save mankind through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to nurture people so that they are Biblically and theologically literate, not only formally through the written and spoken Word of God, as we gather for Sunday worship, but informally as we scatter to our homes and work during the week, meeting in smaller groups for discussion and prayer.


We embrace hybrid cultures.

We're full of people who are a mixture of two or more cultures, because of this age of global mobility and access. But what brings us together is not our assembly into one room, but the Holy Spirit, for true community is not a human accomplishment. Because God is personal, so also should our community be. Thus we value authentic community and strive to be more than an audience on Sunday morning, but a community of the people of God sharing our lives together socially and in meeting each other's material needs as they arise. Community is also expressed in our Home Groups, which meet during the week, in which the gifts of God are discovered, where we receive prayer and where we are used for the service of one another and for the needs of the world here in Hong Kong and beyond.


Worship is a verb.

Worship services are not spectator events, where the worship team is the performer, and the congregation is the audience. Rather, the congregation must be the performer and God the audience. That is why worship leaders prompt the congregation to follow the Spirit's leading to sing, clap, bow down, raise hands, meditate, and actively listen, in response to the power and presence of God. God created us also to worship every day. As one historic creed puts it, ‘The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.' So we value creative expressions of devotion not only on Sunday, in which we also hear the Word of God and participate in the Lord's Supper, but also Monday through Saturday, in which we work, as the apostle Paul writes, "Take your everyday, ordinary life-your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life and place it before God as an offering." —Romans 12:1, The Message

Missions & Outreach

Our primary strategy is to plant and nurture missional churches.

We are passionate about missions. Since Hong Kong is "Asia's World City," we take the strategic nature of this unique city as a gift and a responsibility for cultivating ambassadors for Christ. To this end, we promote the planting and nurturing of churches, as the most effective and Biblical method of evangelism and discipleship. We also partner with like-minded Christians in mainland China and around the world who are seeking God's ‘kingdom come.' We express God's love in all its forms, through word and deed, proclamation and demonstration, evangelism and social involvement, because God loves and saves the whole person. Evangelism has social consequences and social involvement has evangelistic consequences as we express the grace of God in Jesus through what we say and do. Since the early church ‘enjoyed the favor of all the people,' we desire that our mission would enjoy such favor. The result we seek is the transformation of communities, cities, and nations, for Christ, for the glory of God.