This page contains guidelines for ECC Ministry Activity Request, Bulletin Announcement and Verbal Announcement.

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Guidelines for Ministry Activities

  • ECC Bulletin Announcement Template

    Bulletin announcement requests can be sent to no later 2:00pm on the Wednesday before desired publishing date. Text is recommended to be kept at no more than
    50 - 60 words. Bulletin announcements shall follow the format provided here.
    It is recommended that only email address of the activity leader/primary contact be given unless necessary to include phone numbers. 

    *ECC reserves the right to edit the text as necessary to fit with other announcements’ content or language alignment. 

  • ECC Guideline for Verbal Announcement

    • Ministry leaders/ staff wishing to include respective event/activity as verbal announcement during Community Time (CT) shall submit the request to  no later than 2:00pm on the preceding Wednesday for inclusion in that Sunday’s CT. 
    • If customized slide is required to accompany the announcement, it shall be provided at the same time. Otherwise, Admin will provide a generic slide to be shown on the background while the item is being announced. Slides will also be included in the overhead loop that is shown for the 10 minutes prior to commencement of worship service. 
    • If the announcement includes the airing of multimedia/video, a copy of the video shall be submitted for vetting and approval to  one week earlier, i.e. 2 preceding Wednesdays before the intended Sunday for announcement. The video is recommended not to exceed 60 seconds in duration. It is recommended that the contents not be too detailed. Rather, the video should be likened as a commercial to pique congregation’s interest to want to find out more.
    • To ensure fairness and equal air-time opportunity for all ministries, verbal announcements shall normally be made up to 2 times during CT.
    •  Editorial approval for contents’ inclusion in CT and bulletins shall be made by Director of Operations.
  • ECC Guidelines for Order of service