THIS SUNDAY - August 21, 2022

Sunday Service - 9:15 & 11 :00 am - 4/F YMCA & Online via Facebook Live & YouTube

Joy In Life And Death |  Philippians 1:19-26

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Vaccine pass requirements for in-person services  (As of  May 31st 2022)

Summary Chart

From May 31, for persons aged 18 and above who have received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine within the last six months, their Vaccine Pass remains valid. Persons who have exceeded the six month period, will need to receive a third dose to continue to use the Vaccine Pass. For persons aged 12 to 17, if they have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for less than six months, they can still use the Vaccine Pass. Otherwise, they are required to receive a second dose to continue to use the Vaccine Pass.

Any person whose vaccination record or Exemption Certificate does not contain a QR code is required to provide his or her personal particulars (name, contact number, date and time of visit) by completing a specified form. Children aged under 12 not accompanied by an adult are also required to provide the relevant personal particulars by completing a specified form. 


YMCA is subject to "active checking" and Hankow MC is subject to "passive checking".

Below are the groups who are exempt from needing the vaccine pass:

(1) children aged under 12;

(2) holders of the COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate (Exemption Certificate);

(3) for the only purpose of delivering or picking up of an article and etc.

Children's Ministry

Children’s Sunday School is back in-person. All children ages 3-12 are welcome to join us at the Hankow Ministry Center.

Sunday School Classes: 

Team Miriam/Ruth Ages 3-6

Team Joshua Ages 7-8

Team Paul Ages 9-10

Team Timothy Ages 11-1 2

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Youth Ministry

Our Sunday Youth Worship runs from 11:00am-12:30pm on Sundays in room 603, 6/F YMCA & on Zoom (Except the last Sunday of the month). Please contact Sheila Chan at 6757 9161 to get access to the Youth WhatsApp group where you will receive the latest Zoom meeting link. Stay connected with us!            

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